Priprava za večne zaobljube

Naša provinca je poslala tri sestre v Slovenijo, da bi se tukaj pripravile na večne zaobljube. S. Renata Relja, s. Iwona in s. Sylwia so bile pri nas od 1. do 22. junija na tej pripravi, ki jo imenujemo Emavs. Če vas zanima, kako je to pripravo doživela s. Iwona si preberite tukaj

My Emmaus in Slovenia


I’m Iwona from Poland. I’m preparing myself for my final vows this year, or rather I should say: God is preparing me for this. The first part of the preparation was really His gift for me! I spent three weeks in a very beautiful country – Slovenia, creating a small community with two other sisters preparing for the final vows. It was my first time in Slovenia and I’m grateful to God for the opportunity to experience the beauty of mysterious mountains, clean emerald rivers and lakes, and what’s the most important – the love of our FMM sisters in the three communities that welcomed us: Ljubljana, Lesce and Celie.

I imagined the time of preparation for the final vows (which is called Emmaus) as a time of love, time of opening my heart for God’s voice and his grace. What is He going to tell me? I have given him my life; in my heart, I have offered him my whole being and am ready to accept everything from his hand, because everything He gives I’m sure it must be good for me and others. In a very gentle way He let me widen my heart, open it for a new culture, a new language and new international community. It was a great joy and happiness for me getting to know it and creating new relations with the sisters, sharing their hopes for the future and their sorrows. I could discover the simplicity and richness of our FMM life at the same time.

All the time I had an impression that “God was preparing me for something more”, but I didn’t know for what. After my return to Poland I soon received the news about my mission sending. God was preparing me not only for my final vows, because they are just a beginning (not the end)! He was also preparing me for my new mission in Taiwan. Now, I ask him to give me a bigger faith that it was, and still is, his great work in my life…

Slovenia will always stay very close and dear to my heart. May God bless each FMM sister in Slovenia and everybody they are sent to.

Iwona fmm

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